Application Assistance

The Cornerstone Resource Center is a Certified Application Assistance Site (CAAS). This means that were able to assist Colorado residents in applying for public benefits, including medical assistance (i.e. Medicaid; CHP+), childcare assistance (i.e. CCCAP), food assistance (i.e. SNAP), and financial assistance (i.e. TANF). Once applications are completed, they are submitted to the County for an eligibility determination.

To complete an application, you may walk in and use our self-service kiosk during normal business hours, or you may call and schedule an appointment and one of our staff members can assist you.

CAAS sites are located across the entire state. To verify that a particular location is certified to provide application assistance, you may visit:

We also partner with Hunger Free Colorado as a SNAP-PEAS site. We are able to assist you in applying for SNAP (food stamps) benefits, and are able to look up your case status, as well as upload requested documents. Contact us to set up an appointment, or walk in during our normal business hours.